Friday, June 23, 2006

Dirty rotten scumsucking media traitors

Hey, I'm all for the freedom of speech and press. But are you friggin kidding me? Would the New York Slimes had published our capture of the Nazi code in WW2? How about the use of the Native American language for radio transmissions that were sensitive in the Pacific?
Probably not, but they'll damn sure publish stories about how we're tracking al-Qaeda.
In their desperation to save their industry (everyone knows newspapers are best used to line birdcages and cat litterboxes), they'll risk the security of American citizens to try to sell papers.
These people are the lowest life form. I mean, at least with a terrorist, you KNOW they're terrorists and expect them to try to kill you. The publishers/editors at the Washington Pravda(post), NYSLIMES, and Boston Globule act like they really do care about America and its security, right up to the point where it means that they'll sell papers.
I'll never pay money for another newspaper again. Bastards

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