Wednesday, June 14, 2006

File this under D for DUH!

As I said in earlier posts spending money like a drunken sailor on a hooker-binge seems to be a recipe for disaster in New Orleans.
Well, as usual, I'm proven right. The fraudsters came out of the woodwork for the government handouts that were given to 'victims' of Hurricane Katrina. My tax dollars, your tax dollars, and business tax dollars helped pay for everything from NFL season tickets for the Saints (that must have cost all of $10), Dom Perignon @ Hooters (yep, that's a punchline waiting to happen), and Girls Gone Wild videos.
Good to see that our charity is appreciated so much and that no matter how many times people scam the government, liberals STILL want to just hand out money as if it was theirs to hand out.

Thanks for nothing, idiots.

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