Friday, June 02, 2006


Yes we all have our opinions about what happened at Haditha. Some traitorous, malodorous, fartbags like John Murtha would like to convict the Marines in the media, some would rather wait until the evidence is examined by this new invention called a 'court of law'.
Perhaps you've heard of it, John. I'm sorry, but you are now, officially removed from the Band of Brothers. We value integrity, loyalty, and honor, and you sir, have none of those. How you ever found yourself wearing the eagle, globe & anchor is beyond me, unless somehow, someone has made you a eunuch over the last year or so.
It's interesting how so many in the media are so quick to jump all over Marines when civilians are killed, but are so quick to forgive terrorists when they blow up two of our buildings, killing thousands of Americans.
I'll give you my opinion (because hey, that's why you're here right?). You're not going to like it...or if you do, you won't agree with me in public, because God knows that would basically be an admittance that you're an insensitive asshole like me, and you don't want to be that guy.
I think whatever happened, it was justified. I'm not saying that Marines should line up the cityfolk and just start gunning them down, but I AM saying that the Iraqi's in that area have been a pain in our asses for two to three years, and that whatever adults were killed, either were guilty through association with these terrorist pricks, by not reporting to the Americans when they SAW these bastards planting the IED, OR they were working with them overtly.
Either way, a good Marine was killed because of the lack of courage of the people in this area to stand up to the terroristic pricks that have invaded their country to fight our troops.
In addition, our opponents in this little conflict tend to have no problem beheading innocent civilians, kidnapping, killing, torturing, and raping innocents. But one time, someone on their side gets whacked, and suddenly we're a bunch of roving animals? I don't friggin think so.

And Mr. Murtha, you've obviously been in Congress too long to remember what it's like to be a lance corporal Shmucatelli patrolling the streets with your head on a swivel and your rectum so tight you swear you won't crap for a year. These guys are doing their best to make sure that the situation they're in is one that they'll survive and be able to come back with their heads held high and still attached.

Hate me yet? Oh I've just gotten started.....

My proposal is that we start this philosophy with IED's: For every time we're hit with an IED, we call in air-support. No, I'm not talking about one or two choppers. I'm talking B-52s, to carpet bomb the friggin area. Yeah, I know more than likely the guys who actually planted the thing are going to be long gone by the time the 52's get there, but after a few villages just disappear, we may get some locals willing to step up and say "Listen, plant your IED's elsewhere, or we'll kill you ourselves, and not wait for the Americans to do it".

Civilian casualties? Cost of war. Get over it you sensitive snot-nosed, protected prick. When you walk the patrols that our Marines and Soldiers have walked, you have the right to bitch, until then, go watch SpongeBob and let the real fighting to the real men.

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