Friday, June 16, 2006

John Murtha=Benedict Arnold

Although I'd argue that Benedict Arnold was at least honest in his traitorous ways. Murtha tries to throw up the fact that at one time he was an honorable man and served in my beloved Corps. Trust me jackass, we've long since disowned you and your turncoat ways.
Anne Coulter was right in her recent comments about liberals. They throw up these people to support their position that anyone who disagrees with them will look like a complete ass if they argue too strenuously. If I bitchslap one of the Jersey girls for whining about getting only $2 million from the US taxpayer, I look insensitive. If someone who maybe served our country but didn't see combat tries to bitchslap John Murtha's idiotic comments, they look like the ass.
Well, I'm here to tell you, from one combat veteran to another, John Murtha is not only wrong, but traitorous. There IS NO CIVIL WAR in Iraq. If you don't believe me, look at the documentation that was found in the safehouse where al Zarqawi was killed. Zarqawi himself was admitting that his plans to instigate a civil war had failed and that they were losing the fight. He writes that they needed to distract American troops by involving another country, such as Iran if they were to have any hope of winning at all.
Just one word for John Murtha. Sedition. Read the definition and tell me that it doesn't cover exactly what Murtha is doing, along with the rest of the governmental jackasses who come out and say we're losing and that it's a quagmire. I've got enough friends there who I speak with on a regular basis that tell me we're doing good enough there to get it settled within a couple years.
That's no quagmire. That's just patience.

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