Monday, June 19, 2006

North Korea missiles reaching US? Thanks Bill

According to a report in the New York Slimes this weekend, North Korea has a missile that they'll be testing soon that will be not only capable of reaching the US, but also can carry a significant payload. Thanks to Bill Clinton and his cronies, that payload could very possibly be a nuclear warhead.

Oh yeah, you probably don't know this, or have long since pushed this out of your memory, since, like most of us, we'd prefer not to remember the Slick Willy was once president of the greatest nation in the world.
When Bill Clinton was president, he negotiated a deal with the North Koreans where we offered to give them nuclear technology if they promised not to use it for evil.
Yep...we accepted the word of a known supporter of terrorism, nutcase, and all around jackass, Kim Jong-Il that he PROMISES not to use the nukes for weapons. We sent food, aid, oil and a nuclear reactor (which was assembled in North Korea), in exchange for them not to build nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them.
Then of course, Slick Willy, in order to benefit some of his cronies, negotiated a deal to export missile technology to China, since of course, they'd NEVER attack anyone.
Let's see, who's buddies with China? Oh yeah, North Korea. Now China is launching rockets into space, North Korea has a missile that can reach American shores with a nuclear warhead....yep, that sounds like we've achieved just what the Clintons were shooting for: A socialist country with the opportunity to dominate the world. The Clintons were merely trying to make it America that was the socialist country. Luckily we kept them from doing that, but we couldn't stop this.
Thanks Bill....too bad Monica wasn't in your office distracting you when you were thinking about this deal.

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