Monday, June 12, 2006

Haditha- pt 2

Interesting news out of Haditha (ok, not OUT of Haditha, more along the lines of ABOUT Haditha).
Lawyers for the Marines that stand accused of murdering civilians are now stating that the Marines claim that they took small arms fire from the homes where they entered and shot civilians. As part of the standard clearing process, the civilians were shot. Granted, a lawyers job is to instill doubt in the potential jury pools mind, but you have to consider it at least.

Having done building clearing myself, I will offer up this fact:
It is DAMN hard, stressful, and you find yourself ready to pull the trigger reflexively. If these guys were already wound up because of the IED that killed their comrade in arms, I can see where some inadvertant shootings could have happened. The 'pucker factor' of urban-warfare and house-to-house fighting is considerably higher than the standard forest/jungle/desert warfare.

Ilario Pantano slaps around Congresscum Murtha a bit here. You should remember Pantano from his battle against the stupidity of false accusations last year.

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