Monday, June 26, 2006

Murtha Speaks!

And the mainstream media parrots. Murtha has now fully 'Sheehaned'. I had hoped that at some point in time, someone would bitchslap this wrinkled old jarhead back to reality and remind him of what honor and loyalty meant to the band of brothers that are the Marine Corps. Apparently the smack was too hard and caused brain damage, because now he's become a male Cindy Sheehan. This past weekend he stated that the "US presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran".
Now, I'm no international relations expert, but it sure seems to me that Iran in charge of nukes, that it could then hand off to an al Qaeda suicide sissy seems a bit more of a challenge to world peace than a couple of whiny liberals complaining about Iraq. And that nutcase in North Korea, Kim Jong mentally-Il...heck his patrons in China can't even control that jackass. And this mentally challenged congressman who can't remember offering to sell his influence to undercover FBI agents, but thinks that we're a bigger danger than him?
Diana Irey, Murtha's opponent should just pay for TV time to repeat the stupid stuff that Murtha continues to spout, thanks to his sudden onset of verbal diarhea. That should pretty much seal his fate, unless his district is full of 'sheehans'....then they deserve the representation they have.

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