Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow....great weekend!

There's just so much to say about what happened this past weekend that I just can't get to it all. Heck I spent yesterday merely sitting in a drug-induced haze trying to get some sort of perspective on all of it......

Ok, maybe the drug was Sudafed, and it was because my sinuses were killing me...but either way, it was a goooood day.

Bill Clinton loses his friggin mind all over Chris Wallace, who I've not really liked for his tendency to throw up softball left-wing questions to interviewees.

I can only say....Wow.

I mean, seriously, does anyone really think that he was 'obsessed' with bin Laden? Seriously? Ok, maybe the dimwits over at the Daily Kos, but they also think that Cindy Sheehan is a loving doting mother who merely wants President Bush to listen to her whine, not some hippy windbag who's popularity clock keeps hitting 14:59.

Definition: Obsessed- " To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic". Does that even remotely sound like Bill Clinton? Sure if we're talking about his 'legacy'. Or if we're talking about interns. But terrorists? Oh please BillyBob. 'Lob some missiles at them and watch my approval ratings go up!' was the closest he got to anything serious. And for him to throw that Richard Clark piece of toilet-paper book out there as the defining authority for anything regarding 9-11 just shows you what a complete idiot he thinks we all are.
Hell, his own people disputed a lot of what Clark said, along with a number of proven facts elsewhere.

But that wouldn't help Hillary get back to the White House, so that just won't do.

Bill, shut the hell up and go back to porking interns. At least then you weren't bothering anyone but the interns.

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