Saturday, September 16, 2006

Religion of nuts?

Nope. They're not crazy. They're not violent. It's a religion of peace. That's what people keep telling me. They wouldn't THINK of screaming and going nuts over some comments the Pope made. Street protests and threats of killing the Pope over something he said.
Hear that Rosie you fat pig? I certainly don't remember 'radical' christians protesting in the streets, burning effigies, and threatening to kill you over your remarks denigrating their religious beliefs. And don't get me started about their stance on gay people. These are people who want to kill you over what you SAY. Not just what your actions prove, but what you SAY. The pope quotes a 15th century Turkish leader who had bad things to say about muhammed and these people go crazy. What do you think they'd do about you if you came to their country, and announced you were gay? I have two idea, neither of which 'radical christians' have tried with you yet:
This is what they do to gays in Iran. Don't believe me? Check out the story at any number of these sites (Some of these sites are definite pro-gay sites, and contain what may be objectionable material for some, but should be good to go for you Rosie). And since we're talking about how bad the radical christians are, what religion do you think is promoting stoning as a solution to marital infidelity? Christianity? Nope, that'd be Islam again. Nope, they're not dangerous at all. Not as long as you are a mind-numbed robot male who recites exactly what your sheikh tells you to. Females? All bets are off. You have no rights, no voice, and are treated like property.
Yep, sounds like a place that you'd fit right in Rosie. Any amount of opinion counter to yours is screamed about, whined about, and generally ignored, no matter how many facts there are to support it. Actually, it kind of sounds like the Dimwitocrat Party altogether.

No wonder they're fighting the effort to destroy the Islamic fundamentalists so hard. They see themselves in them, and admire that.

Go figure.

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