Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steele for Senate

What happens when you call a guy an 'Uncle Tom', a traitor to his race, an Oreo (black/brown on the outside, white inside) , and his poll numbers still hold up or even improve?

Well you attack him for using a dog that really isn't his in his commercials of course. Typical liberal media. It's fine that his opponents are calling him an Uncle Tom, let's not talk about that ugliness. And Oreo? Oh, that's just good clean fun. But Steele using a dog to get votes, well that's just unAmerican. Especially a dog that isn't his. I mean, the GALL of the man to think that his family's Siberian Husky wasn't good enough for his commercial. I think it just goes to prove that Steele really is a racist. He didn't want the black/white Husky in his commercials because it would invoke too many images of mixing of the races, and we can't have that. So instead we have this Boston Terrier (obviously attempting to appeal to the Kennedy/Kerry Democrats in MD), that's about as ugly as the majority of Democratic women.

Are you friggin kidding me? Apparently, if you're a liberal idiot voter in Maryland, you're supposed to give a rats ass that the dog isn't his. Who the hell cares?

Sounds like Cardin and the rest of his liberal idiot buddies are grasping at straws. Go Michael!

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