Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Amazing, a boycott working

Several months ago, I encouraged people not to buy Citgo gasoline. This was based upon the fact that Citgo is wholly owned by the nation of Venezuela and as such, Hugo Chavez, the socialist dictator that is their leader profits from you buying Citgo gas. Now granted, I wasn't the only person calling for this boycott, and I'm sure wasn't the first. However, if you look at the news of 7-11 dropping Citgo after an 18-year contract as well as another company called Susser Holdings, which operates Susser Stores, you have to wonder if the boycott is working.

I've seen numerous postings supporting a boycott and a number of emails as well, so either people are driving an extra block to buy gas from someone else, or there are other reasons, but either way, we're winning. And that little tin-pot idiot who wants to come to our country and criticize our generosity to other nations can take his oil and do with it as he wishes.
The other twist to this is that 7-11 has announced that instead of contracting with a vendor, they are going to have their own 'brand' of gas. But supplying this will be US companies like Frontier oil of Houston, Sinclair of Salt Lake City and Tower Energy group from Georgia.

Hopefully it will be American oil that they're supplying them with, not stuff shipped in from the Middle East. I'd hate that my money ends up going from a tin-pot dictator who supports terrorism with his oil to a nutbag Imam who supports terrorism.

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