Friday, September 15, 2006

Sean Penn = turd bird

Just in case you needed more evidence that Sean 'I played Spicoli, listen to me' Penn is a complete and utter bag of defecation, look no further than Larry King Live. Or if you don't want to watch the spectacled, suspendered freak that is Mr. King, feel free to check out the article at NewsBusters about Penn's appearance.

Again, as I've said before, what exactly about being an actor makes you an authority on anything, other than acting? And not even a good actor. I mean seriously, when's the last time Seano made anything worth watching? Fast Times at Ridgemont High was cool and all, but that was the 80's big guy. How about dedicating some of this time that you have spent in boats 'rescuing people' in New Orleans and take an acting class? Just one. That'd be enough for you to clue into the fact that you have zero talent and are making your way through life solely because you have a big mouth and your liberal Hollywood buddies put you in their films out of pity.

And speaking of fraud, let's talk about the publicity stunt that was Penn rescuing people. Word amongst his handlers/PR hacks was that he 'rescued' 40 people. Let's do the math for a second. He was in the boat, along with his camera man, PR man, and one other. It was a three person boat. Hmm...... Oh, and shortly after they launched, it sprung a leak, causing Penn to begin to bail out the boat with a small plastic cup. But he was still able to be a hero and still rescued people? Doubtful. And one final note....that white jacket you see him wearing? Life jacket? Nope. Bulletproof kevlar(thanks jiggidy. It may not be kevlar) vest. So much for love and trust for your fellow man.

Bottom line, I agree that the freaks of Hollyweird have just as much right to espouse their opinions as the rest of the US. I just don't think that every time Penn emits some verbal vomit, we should all have to be subjected to it in the press and media

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