Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Michigan: The France of the US

Rich Lowry, editor for the National Review Online recently wrote an article about Michigan. In his article, he elaborated on the horrible economic conditions in Michigan and how if the left wing nutjobs in this country really want to see what it's like to live in a world of liberal economics, they have one option that allows them to remain in the US: move to Michigan.

The taxation load in Michigan is ridiculous. Obviously this isn't news to any of us who live here, but he notes that competitive states have corporate income taxes, individual income taxes, or sales taxes, while we have all three. In addition, we have the SBT, which is a European-style value-added tax that allows companies that LOSE money to still have a tax burden. Companies such as Delphi and Northwest can still have a tax burden despite the fact that they're in bankruptcy. He also speaks to the union environment here where these sorts of companies, clinging for life in bankruptcy can also face strikes that would put them six feet under permanently.

The amazing thing is, we've known about this for years. The regulatory environment is such that it protects the union jobs, and politicians don't have the balls intestinal fortitude to stand up to the unions and pass a 'right to work' law where employees can choose whether or not to be in a union. As someone who once worked in a union shop, I know what my choice would have been.

And neither candidate for governor (including the Libertarian, at least, not that he's willing to publish anywhere I've been able to find) has been able to propose anything that would release Michigan from the stranglehold of the regulatory, taxation, and union triad of death.

So, I guess the magnificient mitten, that is the state of Michigan is destined to take it's place amongst the world of socialism alongside such great civilizations as France, the USSR, and the rest of eastern Europe.

What a great dynasty we'll be leaving our kids.

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