Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dimwitocrats = wounded animals

It's amusing to watch, but frustrating to see. Any time a Dimwitocrat finds themselves losing in the polls or beginning to fall behind, they resort to the snarling, foaming at the mouth, lying, viciousness that we've become accustomed to.

Case in point, Jenny from the Block, governor (hopefully only one term) of Michigan. Recent advertisements have accused Dick DeVos, her Republican opponent of shipping out jobs from Michigan to China when he was CEO of Alticor (the company formerly known as Amway). She says that thousands of jobs were shipped overseas by Alticor and that Alticor is now an 'overseas' company.

In actuality, jobs were added to Alticor as a result of the market expansion into China. $700 million was invested in Michigan, $200 million (as per law there) was invested in China. 300 jobs were also added.

Alticor is now running advertisements to defend themselves from this baseless attack, and the Dimwits are slamming Alticor as trying to help DeVos. Typical damned if you do, damned if you don't mentality but it's good that they're stepping to the plate.

Facts are funny things. They're tough to run from.

FACT: Michigan has lost jobs the last three years running.
FACT: Michigan has lost 7% of its jobs since 2000
FACT: Michigan is 2nd in the nation in Unemployment at 7.2% which of course doesn't include the folks that have given up and moved elsewhere.
FACT: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin, all states around Michigan that have much of the same economics and business environment have ADDED jobs. Indiana added 18,000 jobs last year, Illinois 56,000, and OHIO (fer chrissakes) added 28,000 jobs.

FACT: Jennifer Granholm continues to blame the Engler administration and Bush administration for her failures to move Michigan forward.

When the team doesn't perform, you fire the coach. Sometimes the coach doesn't help (look at the Lions over the last many years), but sometimes it does (looking at the Tigers).

Coach Granholm, you've had a 4 year losing streak, it's time someone else had a chance to move Team Michigan forward.

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