Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boycott Miller

Our buddies at Miller Brewing company, who brew, arguably, some of the nastiest beer out there, have come out strongly against legislation to regulate illegal immigration, and has given money to groups that support illegals and their activities.
While I'm quite sure anyone who is reading this has better taste than to actually drink that swill of a beer, just in case a visitor here does choke down the occasional Genuine Draft or Lite, please choose a better, more American-friendly beer from now on. Or at least until Miller sees the error of their ways.

However, I believe that once you go to a real beer, you'll probably not go back to the piss-water that is brewed by the South African owned idiots from Milwaukee.

Need some suggestions?

Bells - Great Microbrew, in my home town. They distribute through most of Michigan, some of Indiana (I think). If you don't have it, get it. Wonderful IPA, great seasonals, and great 'Two Hearted Ale', probably my favorite.

Sam Adams- Everyone knows Sam. Good stuff, great body, great variety.

Fat Tire - By New Belgium Brewery. Great taste. Not tried their other brews, but I don't doubt that they rock.

Sierra Nevada- all around good stuff. Several varieties. Never had a bad Sierra.

Life's too short to drink crappy beer. Spend the extra buck and get a real beer.

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