Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Benedict the chickenhearted

So the pope apologizes. Not a full apology mind you, but an apology that anyone was offended. So, he wasn't sorry for saying what he said, he was sorry for the fact that muslims were offended by what he said.
Since the middle east is having trouble doing much to develop education for all their citizens, economic stability for all their citizens, jobs for all their citizens that want to work, and human rights for all their citizens, I think Benedict is going to have to forgive them if they don't understand that nuanced of an apology. Oh but they can organize the hell out of a protest can't they? Yep, they can get a public square chock full o' nuts in a matter of moments. You'd think that they'd use some of that organizational power for good, but alas, you'd think wrong.

The biggest problem here is that the pope handed the extremist muslims a victory here. He apologized, acknowledged that he'd offended these nutcases. That's a moral victory for the liberal idiots PC left and the islamofacists. Good God, we CAN'T offend anyone's sensibilities, that'd be wrong! So instead he apologizes and hands the whackjob extremists a victory.

A columnist from the Boston Herals, Jules Crittenden, who is rapidly becoming my favorite journalist, writes an interesting piece about this. He basically says (although you should read the article yourself) that the Pope has set back our efforts to get the rest of the Islamic religion to reign back the fruitbats by giving them this propaganda victory. He mentions (and makes a great point) that the Pope can talk all the smack he wants, but in the end, it's going to cost lives of others, Americans, British, Aussies, etc to win the war on terror and defeat the islamofacists. Who's going to fight for the pope? The Swiss Guard? I've been told that they're mostly bad-ass mercenaries who go to Rome and protect the pope, but I don't see much more than a bunch of bodyguards in weird pants and hats. They may be tough, but truly, they're not going to Iraq/Iran/Syria to defend christianity.

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