Friday, May 12, 2006

South Bend IN sucks

Ok, I know that some of you may live there, or may like Southie, but lets face it, the best view of South Bend Indiana is in your rear view mirror.
There's very little downtown SB, there's even less nightlife there than here in Kalamazoo. Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana made a comment recently that "suggested that South Bend appears to be stagnant and falling behind and not doing the things it needs to do" and of course, that has the mayor of the Bend getting pissy.
Seriously, tell me one reason why a young college graduate would want to take a job in South Bend and buy a house there? Is it a 'cool city'? Does it have nightlife? Are there parks and recreational things to do in South Bend, like a network of trails or anything for biking, running, walking, etc?

Nope. About the only thing that South Bend has an abundance of is history. Yes, there are a lot of things that were 'formerly' located in South Bend. Bendix, Studebaker, Singer, Honeywell, and the South Bend Toy company are all long gone.

So for the SB mayor to whine because someone called out SB on the fact that it's pretty much lame, is just ridiculous. If anyone even wants to go shopping, they pretty much can't do it in SB, as the last Mall they had there closed several years ago. Folks there had the stupidity to get excited when they announced a Kohls was going to locate in SB. woo hoo.
Get over yourself SB, and spend some energy making the place cool, instead of whining when people call you out.


Anonymous said...

South Bend is what you make it out to be. If you want the fast life, go elsewhere and stop talking shit about South Bend. Who ever made up this site is probably a LAME and has no friends. Sorry, just leave then!

Webproze said...

Luckily, I don't live there. I grew up in Niles, where I developed a deep-seeded hatred for the idiots south of the border, so as soon as I could leave, I did.

However, explain to me what it is that makes SB so cool? SB is NOT what you make it to be when there's nothing there to make it WITH. Even if you don't necessarily want the "fast life", but rather something laid back, how exactly is the south and west sides of SB 'laid back'? Other than being full of crackheads and welfare moochers, I don't see much value to those entire areas. There used to be some beautiful houses on the west side, but they're mostly abandoned or trashed now. SB is just a shell of it's former self, which honestly, wasn't much to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in 7 states in my life. My dad was a college professor so we moved around a lot.
South Bend is ugly, one in eight houses are vacant and boarded up, very unfriendly, like I said 7 states I have lived to compare too, business unfriendly, highest taxes in the state , they more than double the local income tax in one year, we also have a wheel tax .One of the lowest amount of sunshine days per year in the country. 73 full sunny days per year. Also I might add one of the worst economies in the entire state higher overall unemployment numbers and far lower average wage income and one of the worst places to start a company in the entire country. Also, high crime rate, 98% of communities in Indiana have a lower crime rate than South Bend, Indiana.
Also, this city is almost all Democrat, so great if you are a liberal.

Anonymous said...

the worst part about south bend is the police force. they hate kids that go to college in South Bend because most of them probably never went to college. to the police: STOP busting college kids drinking off campus and START cracking down on drug dealers, gangs, and rapists. this town is the e-shit-omy of the midwest.

Anonymous said...

South Bend is a hole. I can't believe Google bothered driving its Google maps car down every boring street in that hole. Living in the desert seems preferable.