Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Senators/President Bush deny reality

Motivated by today's Hotair video by Michelle Malkin (seriously, if you haven't been there, check it out), I decided to go back and review President Bush's speech from Monday night, and the resulting blather from the Senate regarding the speech, immigration, and the security of our borders, I decided to go ahead and point out the idiocy of both the President's position and the position of the pro-amnesty, anti-enforcement idiots.
First of all, let's go back to 2001. September 11, 2001 to be specific. Not as if people really should need a reminder, but let's take a look at the hijackers. How many of them were legally in our country? According to the 911 commission (a horribly biased group to be sure), at least two of the passports of the hijacker/terrorist/murderers were obviously doctored, at least three of the VISA applications contained false statements that if checked would have denied access to the US. In addition, at least three of them violated Immigration law after entrance into the US. Mohammed Atta (the perceived leader of the group) and Marwan al Shehhi were admitted with a tourist VISA, but should have had their status changed upon entering flight school. However, both left the country before the change was made (both filed for the change), but were allowed back into the country under the tourist VISA despite the fact that they shouldn't have been until the change was complete.
Ziad Jarrah entered the country under a tourist VISA and entered flight school immediately. Again, the status change should have been made, but wasn't. He left and returned to the US three different times, lying upon entry about his status.
Saeed al Ghamdi arrived in the US on a one-way ticket, with $500 and no address on his I-94, the form you fill out to say where you're going to stay in the US, under a tourist VISA. Now, I'm not an INS inspector, but even I can connect the dots here. But yet, when questioned, he convinced the agents that allowed him to enter the country and kill our citizens that he indeed was a tourist.
At least six of the 19 murdering scumbags violated immigration laws.
And the Senators and President of this United States want to allow the people who are in this country illegally to stay?
Which part of this am I missing? I must be missing something. I mean, these people actually came into the country semi-legally. Just think what kind of scum we have coming into the country illegally.
Even if we decide to allow all Mexicans (why, I don't know) who have come into this country illegally to stay, according to several reports the majority of non-Mexicans who are caught illegally entering are part of the 'catch-and-release' program and never report back. According to Border Patrol Chief, David Aguilar, 119,000 OTM (other than Mexican) illegal immigrants were caught, and of those, 644 were from 'countries of concern'.
Countries of concern?
WTF does that mean? Countries that want to see us dead? Countries that we have absolutely no desire to have their citizens within our borders? Yep. Those countries include such giants in the field of human rights, and civilization as China, India, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, and Syria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Bottom line, when I hear a Senator SAY that they want to secure the border, and when I hear President Bush SAY that he wants to secure the border, that translates to "not allowing anyone who doesn't belong here to cross that border". Unfortunately, we already have allowed hundreds of thousands (maybe millions, depending on who's counting) to cross said border.
Enforcement before anything else. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone in Washington who has the balls to step up and actually make that the policy of the land.
Perhaps brave leadership would actually increase the poll numbers of our leaders. But I doubt that anyone in DC has the intestinal fortitude to do that. On either side of the aisle.

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