Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peggy Noonan rules

Peggy Noonan was Ronald Reagan's main speechwriter. That in and of itself should establish her as one of the greatest communicators of all time. However, since Ronaldus Magnus has left office, she has written several books and has a syndicated column in the Wall Street Journal. In her piece in the site, she cites something that I've thought for a while, but she puts it into words that make mine feel inferior beside.
As such, you should read her article before going on reading here.
Done? Spot on, eh?

Well, I truly do think that someone needs to point out to the Republican leadership that they've lost touch with the reasons that they went to DC in the first place. Much like one of my regulars here (hey DJ) consistently remarks, the Republicans have become Democrats Lite. They say they're for smaller govt, yet vote for bigger. They say they're for secure borders, but don't vote to secure them. Eventually, those of us on the ground who call ourselves Republicans get tired of their hypocrisy. No, we'd never go Dimwitocrat, but we'd certainly either not show up or vote for the Libertarian.
Let's hope that some of the Republicans get the clue.

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