Monday, May 01, 2006

A day without illegals....

Well well. The boycott is here. Anyone notice a difference? I suppose those of you who live in larger cities will notice a huge crowd of people heading toward the largest park in your city (or wherever the TV cameras are set up).
I myself, went out and spent a couple hundred dollars at local places, including a Mexican restaurant, as a display of gratitude for those people who continue to do their jobs no matter what kinds of stupidity are going on around them.
Anyone thing that the scheduling of this protest on MayDay, the famous Communist holiday is a coincidence? Yep, me neither. I do appreciate the fact that the 'Reconquistas' are finally showing themselves for what they are, as opposed to hiding in the woodwork behind the faces of illegal aliens. Nice Che' t-shirts by the way. They definitely tell the rest of us working Americans what side of the political fence you're coming from.
And is it just me or are the statements by the politicians that are pandering to these groups about how they are the ones who 'clean our toilets, care for our children, pick our lettuce, and wash our dishes' AMAZINGLY racist? I mean, seriously, if I told a joke about a Mexican picking lettuce, I'd get all kinds of hate mail. But John McCain can tell a bunch of union members that they're not tough enough to pick lettuce and won't do it, but Mexicans will?
Since I've been out in front of this issue for a year now, I don't think I have to restate my opinion here. See my previous posts (and there's a number of them) if you really want to know what's up.

But since we're talking about the boycott, I'd just like to know one thing.

If they truly think that boycotting American things is such a good policy, why is it that they aren't going to boycott my American hospital? Or my American food stamps? Or my American welfare checks? Tell you what hombre's (a little spanish lingo there for you), you boycott the American support system for ONE month, and I'll believe the fact that you only want to come here to work. You turn down that free handout from the American government for one month, and I'll re-think my opinion that you only want to come to the land of las tiendas grande (the big store) for the government support and handouts that Mexico could only dream of giving to their citizens.
This may sound a tad racist, but you're the one making the assumption that I'm implying that all illegals are on government assistance. I'm not. I'm merely saying that the ones that are, drag on our system, and that I'll believe their committment to success in the US if they can go more than a day without the LEGAL citizens of America propping them up, then we'll talk.

Not a chance in hell.

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