Monday, May 22, 2006

Mexico: You're Xenophobic, we're traditional

Those useless douchebags south of the border love to call those of us who actually would like to see the immigration laws enforced here in the US, xenophobic.
But take a good look at the crap someone who is a non-citizen has to go through to actually work in Mexico (not that you'd want to).
I'd heard through some friends in the hospitality industry that it was extremely difficult to work there, as they had tried to go down and work at the various resort areas, ending up on a much friendlier island instead. But I'd not seen the stupidity that you have to go through to really work there. I'll post some stuff later when I get done doing the research, but trying to actually work down there takes a considerable effort, including mounds of paperwork.

But they want us to make it easier for their citizens to come up here and steal the money from our economy to pump up their corrupt, crime infested, scumbag-filled government.

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