Friday, May 19, 2006

Lou Dobbs is the *&$^ing MAN!

Lou Dobbs was on the radio this morning on "The Big Show" with Dave Scott.
He said spoke to Congress and the President's generally unsatisfactory performance when it comes to immigration and free trade.
And he didn't just criticize the current Congress and Presidency, but truly the people who've occupied the offices for the last 20 years.
His point is that much of the immigration policy has been formed by interests that are contrary to the interests of the American family and workers. The corporations that fund the Senate campaigns (and House) are the ones that write this policy, which makes it pretty easy to understand why it's been so lenient. Flooding the market with cheap labor, helping to pad the bottom line of the various corporations while driving down the wages and employment levels of the average American.
He also commented about how the current House members 'get it'. They know that Americans are pissed about how the policies screw the average American and they want to see immigration laws enforced. The Senate, with their 6 year terms, and their cushy seats don't get it. Period. And not one President over the last 30 years has passed a law that truly was advantageous to the American worker when immigration or free trade is involved.
Free Trade is a frequent subject taken up on Mr. Dobbs show on CNN (yes, I watch's the ONLY one on CNN I watch), and I agree with him almost every time he opens his mouth.
Michigan: 7.25% unemployment. Carl Levin & Debbie Stabenow, Michigan's Senators haven't said a peep about allowing China to start importing automobiles next year, with a 5% tarriff. However, American vehicles imported to China? 25% tariff. And this apparently is ok with our leaders. Don't give me the crap about "Oh American cars suck" and "They're just not quality cars", blah blah blah. The quality of American cars has improved considerably and for the most part is competitive with the majority of the market. Yes, unions screwed the automotive industry as well, but trade imbalances like this compound the open sores that unions have caused into ulcerations.
Next time you vote, take a look at your candidate. If they're not looking out for you, maybe you should pull the other lever.

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