Monday, May 01, 2006

Death threats?

Why is it that whiny-assed libs always have to fall back on the "I've had death threats" rant in interviews after they've taken stupid positions in public?
Truly, who would want to waste a bullet on that no talent waste of oxygen? I mean, I can't even WATCH Bull Durham, one of the movies that the guys I hang with refer to as a great baseball movie. Bah. Eight Men Out or Field of Dreams...thems baseball movies!
The Dixie Chicks did the same thing. Publicly said stupid crap about the president and our role in the world, and BOOM they whine that they're getting death threats.
I mean truly. Those skanks couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and all of a sudden they're on the cover of Slime, Snoozeweek, etc, because they had the 'courage' to speak out. Courage my ass. The worst that would ever happen to the Chicks or Sarandon is that they would have to sit on their ample asses, enjoying the millions of dollars that the American public has showered on them for their past accomplishments. Waaah....someone call a Waaahmbulance.
Courage is doing stuff that is critical of Islam lately. Or being critical of any of these Hollyweird idiots that speak out thinking that their opinions should matter more than those of us who actually WORK for a living. THAT is courage.

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