Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Open letter to Jesse McBeth

An open letter to Jesse McBeth, a fraudulent poser who filmed a video that was posted on a website called Iraq Veterans Against the War. It was taken down pretty quickly after multiple sites questioned his authenticity.
If you check out a site he's posted to several times, he confronts some of his accusers by posting a fake phone number where someone named Kyle has a voice mail as his. His forged dd-214 was posted, showing that he was 'Ranger qualifyed'. He definitely looks to be much like that dork from who was a complete washout from the army as well.

You're a fake and a fraud. I'm not sure of the axe you have to grind, but it's obvious that you see an opportunity to gain some sort of publicity through this and are taking advantage of it.
Your video shows how little you know about the Army and the various military services, considering the fact that your uniform is a complete disaster. Wrong t-shirt, wrong rank, sleeves rolled up wrong, wrong unit patch, etc.
You're not being called back into service, in fact, per your own DD-214, you were discharged with no further service necessary. You don't GET a dd-214 if you're going to get called back.
Bottom line, you're a fake, fraud, and scumbag in the eyes of anyone who actually believes in our military and our country. Posers like you merely show those of us that actually SERVED honorably how elite we are, in as much as so many wish they were like us.
Obviously you didn't realize how quickly stuff like this could possibly come back to bite you in the ass. Welcome to the real world you pansy, washout.
Try the Rainbow Girls next, maybe you'll be able to hack that.

Nothing irritates me more than a complete poser talking the guys who REALLY served down. invitation. Email me, I'll get you my contact information, and I'll even pay for a Greyhound ticket for you to come visit Michigan. I'll make sure you remember what a real military person can do to someone. I won't even need all my friends who are also veterans who would LONG for a piece of you as well....but I may leave a scrap for them, just because I'm a good guy like that.

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