Monday, May 08, 2006

He's back, and pissed off

Been horizontal for almost a week now, thanks to a bad back. Sorry about the lack of updates. However I got this:

Two words that strike fear in the hearts of anyone with any sense at all:

Speaker Pelosi

If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, nothing will.
Although President Hillary certainly runs a close second, but I just can't see her winning. Perhaps it's denial, but I just don't.

I heard some radio guy talking about how the Dimwitocrats winning the House/Senate could be a good thing because it would remind the American people how stupid they are when they're in power, but I definitely don't agree. Losing is NEVER a good thing. And despite the fact that the mass media keeps pounding their agenda of 'Iraq is a quagmire' and 'Bush lied' and 'Bush spies on Americans', we still can keep those idiots from taking over. We just need to keep working on the Republican party until they remember their roots. Hopefully, it's not a lost cause, because despite the fact that I mostly agree with Libertarians, there's just not enough power behind them to win an election.

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