Monday, May 15, 2006

Racism & Antisemitism in Alabama

Surprise! No, it's not a Republican.
While I don't begin to believe that Republicans have a monopoly on virtue when it comes to racial relations, I don't agree with the majority of the Democrats that Republicans are primarily white people who don't want blacks, hispanics, or other minorities to join them.
It's idiocy. Why would we not want more people on our side? Hell, that means we win more elections.
But even so, the stereotype is that Republicans are the closed society and the Dimwitocrats are the 'open tent'. Let's note the fact that the highest ranking black person in the Clinton White House was Ron Brown, commerce secretary. The highest ranking hispanic was the head of HUD, Henry Cisneros, who's now been indicted on multiple charges of fraud and bribery.
Highest ranking black in the Bush White House? Secretaries of State Rice and Powell. Not bad, #4 in the order of succession to the Presidency for two black persons, one of which is also a female. Highest ranking Hispanic? Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, #7.
But I'm sure Dims are running as fast as they can from this idiot candidate for Attorney General in Alabama who is denying the Holocaust and who recently spoke at a 'pro-white' organization. If that would have been a Republican, you think it would have been picked up by the New York Times and plastered all over every news outlet available?

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