Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Way ahead of the curve, as usual

Within a day after I post a rant on illegal immigration, Governor Janet Napolitano (a Democrat, by the way) has deployed National Guard troops to help the border patrol defend the border. Her quote "We are not militarizing the border, we're not at war with Mexico" shows a bit of lack of spine, but her move definitely goes the right way toward standing up to the illegal aliens just wandering across the border.
I don't post these rants as a statement against hispanics, but instead as a statement against illegals, whether they're hispanics in search of a job, or Taliban in search of a target. I don't want just any schmuck wandering across the border.
I am not a racist. I never have been, nor has anything I've posted here been intended to spark a race discussion. Rather, it's a legal thing.

Let's hope that this action is duplicated in Texas, New Mexico, and California as well.

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