Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mexican flag flies over Houston and Florida communities

In Houston, a principal of Reagan High School (Unfortunately, not named after the greatest president in history and obviously not well led) hoisted a Mexican flag beneath the US flag, in the place of the Texas flag, in a show of support for students who are protesting the immigration bill in approved by the House last week.
In Florida, they showed even less respect for the country that has allowed them such freedoms. The United States flag was removed and replaced by a Mexican flag at the entrance of a condominium community, Chasewood North, in Jupiter Florida. While they're attributing this instance to vandals who support the 'cause', this shows exactly my point previously. Illegals, and those who support them, show absolutely no concern for the laws of our land.
The mere fact that they are here illegally shows their disregard for the law.
And all this, for 12.5 percent of the overall population of the US.


Our representatives are willing to risk the security of this country, of the other 87.5% of the country, for the loudmouths who are walking the streets with their faces painted with the Mexican flag.
Remember, the law doesn't outlaw legal Mexican immigrants. If people are here legally, it's not like they'll be deported. And this isn't going to cause a general police state where a car full of Mexicans will get pulled over and asked for their 'papers' a la Nazi Germany. This law provides for the ability to enforce our borders. That's it. It provides for the continued security of our borders. Nothing more. If these ignorant morons would stop listening to their race-baiting leaders, they'd understand that.

But then I'd not have anything to blog about, right?

Heh...yeah, right.....

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