Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You had to know this was coming.....

A company in Arkansas is getting sued by some illegal aliens it hired because the company failed to pay them 'as promised'. So now, illegals actually have RIGHTS here, or at least the Southern Poverty Law center, a mighty socialistic arm of lawyers, are trying to prove. Now, I think that the company should pay, but not the illegals. I think the company should be fined, millions of dollars for hiring illegals in the first place. This is a two headed monster that you have to kill both heads, or else the other will bite us in the ass. Fix the border, so that every schmuck who wants to walk across can't, and smack the heck out of the employers who make the people who do break the law in order to get here, want to.
Cochise County in Arizona, one of the prime spots of illegal crossing, has been a place where civil suits have been filed and won by illegal aliens because citizens who were defending their own property from being polluted and trespassed upon by any means necessary, offended the sensibilities of the illegals who leave syringes, dirty diapers, human waste, trash, and other items strewn along their trail of entry. Civil rights? Last time I checked, it's a civil right to defend your home from illegal entry. Having a dog bite you? Stay off my property and my dog won't bite you, just that simple.
Let me re-affirm that I do NOT believe that illegal aliens should be given the same rights as persons who migrated to this country legally. Period. You break the law in coming here, that's usually a hint and a half as to how your sorry ass will behave once in the country. No way should my tax dollars go to funding your brood of 12 kids that you immediately start squirting out as soon as you cross the border, only because they get instant citizenship once born in the US.

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