Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegals protesting

As many of you who have read this blog since the beginning know, I'm against illegal immigration. I have no problem with the National Guard being posted every 500 yards on the border and calling mortar fire on anyone who tries to cross illegally. Note the word....ILLEGALLY.
I have no problem with people who want to cross the border and help support our economy and better their own lives legally. Come on in. We were all immigrants at one time or another. Even the Indians (native americans for you idiot PC people) weren't here since the beginning of time. They wandered across various land bridges and ended up here.
But what I have a problem with is illegal immigrants thinking that they deserve special treatement, or even equal treatment under the law as naturalized citizens. Wrong. During a protest in LA (go figure), a young skull full of mush in LA was quoted as saying "We may be illegal immigrants, but we are human. We deserve the same rights as everyone else, not be treated like criminals.". Perhaps something got lost in the translation for this person, but illegal means criminal. I have no problem with treating people with honor, dignity, and grace, but we can certainly do that while shipping their collective asses back over the border.
Bottom line is that these protests over the last several weeks are typical liberal stupidity. Based upon misinformation, these people have been whipped into a frenzy by the Dimwitocrats, who think that they'll get a vote or three out of the deal. But here's the info on the proposed law:
- Will make people who provide shelter and hiding places for illegals into criminals. DUH. If you help someone break the law, you're something called an 'accessory'.
- Will reimburse local law enforcement for dealing with illegals. VERY welcome in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, etc, where a good majority of their time, especially nearer to the border is dealing with crimes committed by illegals.
- Will stiffen penalties for illegals who reenter the US after already having been removed once. Screw me once, shame on me......
- Will not allow immigrants who have aggravated felonies to receive a green card. Well this is one I can see people getting up in arms about. I mean, lets face it, don't we all really love the success story that is Scarface? 'Say hello to my little friend'.....
- Will increase penalties on the businesses that hire illegals. Gee, looks like Senator Sensenbrenner was reading my blog!

It makes sense, it will provide additional security to the border and truly, is one of the few things that I think that the federal government actually SHOULD be responsible for doing. That's the irony here, they've spent so much time providing money and infrastructure to support the study of the spotted sea snail darter butterflywhatever that they've forgotten about their real responsibilities: Provide for the common defense, protect the borders, enforce the laws.
Screw the snail darter.

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