Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Religious hypocrisy

Nope, for once I'm not slapping around muslims, but I probably could.....
This time, I'm talking about Scientologists. Why is it that Isaac Hayes was JUST FINE cashing those checks when the guys from South Park were making fun of Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, HareKrishnas (ok, that spelling may not be right), the idiots in that cult with the running shoes who committed suicide that just begged to be made fun of, mormons, and every other religion that they could fit in, but as soon as they make fun of scientology, ol' Isaac decided he'd take a stand against religious intolerance. Nice timing.

What a crock of chef.

Isaac, I love ya man, and think that you brought a dose of coolness to the show that will be hard to replace. But you are now in the hall of fame of hypocrites, right next to a majority of the DemoncRATic party, most of Hollywood, and a few other select few. If you're proud of that, then so be it.

So long Chef....and get the hell out Isaac.

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