Monday, June 06, 2005

True Government Oppression

As we fall over ourselves to accomodate everything from China, from our automobiles to our computers, let's not forget that they're still a communist nation, willing to do anything to oppress their own people to the bloodiest of extents. Sixteen years ago last week, the Red Army slaughtered thousands of their own people for merely protesting. The famous picture of the lone man standing in front of a column of tanks provides inspiration to people to stand up and speak out. However, the pictures that should be publicized are the ones that came shortly after that. When that tank and many others ran over, shot, and blew up thousands of their own, unarmed people. People who were doing nothing but protesting the governments' oppression of them. There was a protest in Hong Kong, which after 1997 reverted back to Chinese rule that drew 45,000 people. How many people in Beijing? 0. None. Security was tight in the area specifically to deny their people the right to remember their fellow citizens, slaughtered by their own government for merely wanting freedom.

One of the more interesting things I found while researching this post is how varied the numbers of casualties really are. See, journalists were forced to leave the area right before the slaughter began, so no one really knows (other than the government goons) how many were actually killed. The pro-China/pro-Communist New York Times estimates the deaths at merely 400-800, while the students who organized the protest and were involved put the number closer to 7000. The National Security Agency (NSA), who has satellites that can tell you your shirt size estimates the number of deaths close to 2000. Who's right? Who cares? Isn't the government killing 800 people offensive enough for people? Is that enough to get people pissed off at them? Apparently not. People are still buying crap made from China, probably some of which is made by those people who have been political prisoners.

But Guantanamo Bay is where the gulag's are, according to Amnesty International. Some estimates put China's political prisoner population at five figures. We have a few hundred in Guantanamo Bay, where they're allowed to worship at their leisure, exercise, and are fed a whole lot better than they were in Afghanistan or Iraq, and we're the bad guys because Amnesty International says so. First of all, AI lost most of their credibility when they've ignored such crises as Rwanda and the Sudan, not to mention supporting the UN human rights commision, which was populated by such humanitarian countries as Libya and Sudan, so I don't put much stock in their opinion, not to mention they're a left-wing bunch of freaks.

The International Red Cross, the FBI, and the international press are allowed to visit Guantanamo on a regular basis and none have found any major violations of human rights of the prisoners, despite the fact that they certainly deserve to have their rights violated. Minor violations such as yelling at the prisoners during interrogations have been reported, and a contract interrogator tore two pages out of a Koran, and was fired. But apparently, AI is just pissed because their donations probably went down after the typhoon in SE Asia, so they had to come up with something to bring them back into the limelight.

When people talk about government oppression, I just laugh, because most of the idiots who protest this government, who protest against George Bush, are the very same idiots who will talk about how glorious China is, and how they would love to visit, or who have already visited and pumped money into China's economy. The very same idiots who don't bother to look where something is made before buying it. The very same idiots who are supporting one of the most oppressive governments on earth.

Thanks idiots. May the fight live on and the spirit of those from Tiananmen Square live on in the people of China, and may they finally throw off the yoke of Communism for good soon.

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