Friday, June 10, 2005


Jihad has been declared on the authors of (a great site that I definitely recommend). The authors publicized the recent video of Islamic scumbags desecrating the American flag. According to the idiots who declared the jihad, the information that these guys publish is false and is intended to 'produce hatred amongst innocent and gullible American public to continue to support the desecration of the qu'ran'.
Well, I'm not sure exactly what they published that would be false, since they merely linked to the video, and let people make up their own minds. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and usually a video is worth 10,000.
And as for the 'gullible' American public, at least the American public doesn't support the destruction of entire groups because they disagree with us. Or the public flogging of people because they've done something that may have violated a minor religious tenet. Or a religious leader calling for the death of someone because they exposed the lies, fraud, and deceit of the leadership of that religion.
I agree with the position that most Muslims don't believe that a fatwa issued by some idiot mullah in Iran means that they have to act. Especially considering that a fatwa was issued by the Islamic Commission of Spain against the terrorists in Iraq and their supporters back several months ago for their actions in the train bombing there. Haven't seen a whole lot of suicide bombers targeting Osama, or any of the other idiot leaders that send other peoples kids on suicide missions. At least, when we send our military somewhere, we give them armament and expect that they come back alive and make sure the other guy gives his life for THEIR country/cause.
So, I'm issuing a fatwa right now. A Jihad of sorts. I say the people who truly believe that Islam is a religion of peace, and supposedly that's a majority of you, should step up, grow a pair of balls, and display that alleged peace by stopping their cohorts. Stopping their fellow muslims from assaulting innocents, whether it be bus riders in Israel, Iraqi citizens shopping in an open market in Baghdad, or innocents in the World Trade Center (ok, too late for that one, but you get the point). Otherwise, you're all just going to be labeled by the sweeping brush that paints these 3rd century animals.
Until I see some peace from muslims, I'm going to have to assume that you are all liars, and as such, you are subject to the penalty of having your tongue burned out with a red-hot poker. And I'm just the guy to do it.
Hey, if we're going 3rd century here, we may as well go all the way.

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