Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Durbin's 'apology'

If you truly think that DICK Durbin apologized for his comments comparing our troops to Nazi's, Communists, and the killing fields of Cambodia, you better think again. From Foxnews.com:

"I am sorry if anything I said caused any offense or pain to those who have such bitter memories of the Holocaust, the greatest moral tragedy of our time. Nothing, nothing should ever be said to demean or diminish that moral tragedy. I am also sorry if anything I said cast a negative light on our fine men and women in the military ... I never ever intended any disrespect for them. Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line to them I extend my heartfelt apology," Durbin said,
choking on his words.

Let me re-quote, just in case you didn't get it. "Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line....". So which part are you not understanding that it was not an apology, but more an explanation of the what he meant? He is NOT apologizing here. He's basically blaming the people who took offense as the idiots, but apologizing to them because they're not smart enough to really know what he meant.

DICK Durbin is a aging anti-war protestor who is feeling the heat of the loss of any sort of power. He knows that if they don't succeed in running down the image of the US during this conflict, his movement will lose all credibility. He's a male Jane Fonda. He is the guy who hopefully when this is all over, we can point to and say "he's a traitor, and he was dealt with by the citizens of Illinois".

If you truly believe that DICK Durbin is sorry, you're right. He's the sorriest sack of shit in the in the Senate. As sorry a human being as you'd ever let into the leadership of the Democratic party.

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Bad Andy said...

"Don't say sorry unless you mean it". I seem to remember learning this lesson pretty well as a little kid. Unfortunately, it's a lesson that most people in politics, the media, etc., un-learned very quickly. It's sad, but it happens all of the time. I'd almost rather see someone just stick by his comments than to issue an apology written by his publicist.