Friday, June 10, 2005

Is Howard Dean's idiocy orchestrated?

With all the stupid comments, I'm beginning to wonder something.

Did the DNC name Howard Dean as their chair in order to make their candidates look conservative/moderate? With a chairman who is making statements to cater to the far left wing, making them happy, and ensuring that the liberal base shows up to vote, that frees up the individual candidates to be able to distance themselves from the stupid statements that Dean makes like "I hate all Republicans", and "Republicans are nothing but white christians". Makes you wonder if Dean hates all white christians....(special thanks to Brian Wilson, FOXNews reporter for that leap of logic).

Just a thought....I mean, anyone who can make Hitlery look like a moderate, has GOT to have a place in the Democratic leadership.

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Jay Moe said...

I thought about that same thing the other day. I can't believe that even the Democrats would be so inept to let him remain as Chairman if they didn't benefit from having someone to distance themselves from.