Thursday, June 02, 2005

Equal rights?

Ok, I'm all for equality. But when is it that some people become more equal than others (Thanks George Orwell)?
When a person of color, or a female is a screwup, why is it that they get a much wider leeway than a single white male? Corporations are so desperate to force diversity into management and their workforce that they're willing to overlook the blunders that some of these people make.

Two examples: 1) There was a person who consistently missed deadlines, did a poor job when he finally did his work, and was only good at one thing, and I don't believe watching Jerry Springer was part of his job description. And this was reported repeatedly to the management of the company. However, did he get fired? No. He did leave the company, but at his own volition.
2) Female workers has absolutely no tact with other staff. Consistently pisses them off by changing expectations, changing scope of the projects, and talking down to them. Not bad enough? How about consistently pissing off clients? Having a client say "Is this because she doesn't understand the big words?" about an email she sends that just restates a previous email, but rewords it. Another project manager was asked by the client not to allow her back on site. But is she fired? Counselled? Suspended?

And people wonder why I have such a bad attitude.

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