Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No appeal in Washington election

Apparently when you go to law school, they take away all common sense and replace it with a law-book. How else can you explain the finding in the state of Washington that no fraud took place when 1678 votes were cast illegally? F-R-A-U-D. But apparently the judge wanted video of the Democrats filling out the ballots in the names of felons, or stuffing the ballot boxes in King County when the counts came back in favor of Dino Rossi. "Write up some more ballots for Gregoire, Hank, we're still down by 200 votes!"
The idiocy of this decision (and yes, I've read the ENTIRE transcript) amazes me. It raises the bar so high as to have eliminated any possibility of ever having an election challenged in the state of Washington without having video, pictures, or some other sort of 100% evidence that voter fraud took place. Nevermind that more people voted than were registered in some areas. Or that felons voted and they are not allowed to in WA. Or that hundreds of absentee ballots were accepted without any proof that the person actually existed or that their addresses actually existed. Several people voted using the address of a vacant lot.
Nope. No fraud there.

Not only is justice blind. In the state of Washington, it's blind, deaf, and stupid.

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Taleena said...

Unfortunatly for the Rossi team, the judge rejected proportional analysis. This would have been within the law but changed the ruling in favor of the GOP. Fraud such as we had in King County is very hard to prove. Judge Bridges didn't want to be an activist judge, and had hard things to say about King County elections.