Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pacifist/appeasment supporters = Retards

How can someone actually think that giving in to people who want to kill you, or take your land from you is an intelligent thing to do? What sort of actual brainwave activity happens when you think "Hey, these guys want to blow up buses in my country to get what they want, so I'm going to give them what they want, and they'll probably stop blowing up buses"? How does someone of average intelligence (or above average intelligence) get from A to B on that particular line of thinking? Do they really think that the attacks are going to stop merely because they've given the people who are attacking what they want? Do they not realize that by appeasing them, they're only providing reinforcement that their attacks work? Basic psychology 101. Hell, even my kids know that if they want something, and they get it by behaving a certain way, they continue to use that activity to get what they want.

So, how is it that a group of Israeli citizens are actually FOR giving in to the Palestinians and letting them run the asylum? They think that they're colonialists because of the 1948 act that created the state of Israel, and that the land should be given back to the Palestinians. Not sure how that would happen, since it never BELONGED to the Palestinians in the first damn place.

Appeasement never works. Annihilation works. Neville Chamberlain found this out in Europe during WWII. Tojo found out that the US will not appease them the hard way in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Osama and the boys are finding this out the hard way now. But we still have idiots in our country, who like the idiots at think that if we just give in to these animals, they'll go away and leave us alone.

Just ask the 3000 something folks at the WTC.....oh wait. You can't, they're dead. Bill Clinton appeased Osama bin Laden and the rest of the islamofacists and cost US lives.

No more appeasement. I vote for annihilation.

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