Monday, February 06, 2006

Super(?) Bowl

So as many of you know, I host a SuperBowl party (no, not a big game party, a Super Bowl Party, so sue me NFL). Usually, when my beloved Broncos aren't in it (which is damn near most of the time), I just root for a good game and funny commercials.
This year, I got neither.
I was cheering for the Steelers, only because they beat the Broncos and I could make the argument in my head that "ok, well, they knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs and so they should win, because then I could argue that the Broncos are the 2nd best team in the NFL" and no one could prove me wrong (and I couldn't prove myself right either, but that's a moot point).
But the pass interference call in the endzone was the beginning of a horrible game of refereeing. You show me one ref that calls that play in the regular season and I'll crap in your hat. But this yahoo decides that because it's the Super Bowl that he's going to throw the flag (after much lobbying from the DB might I add). What a joke.
Then Roethlisberger DOESN'T cross the white, the linesman runs down the line like he's going to spot the ball at the 1" line, but sees the ball over the line (after Ben shifts the ball after he's down) and signals TD.
Granted Pittsburgh had their share of crappy calls too, a couple holds that weren't, etc, but it definitely seemed WWE'esque, in that the commisioner's office saw a good story in Bettis winning the game in his home stadium/home town, and thought that'd get a lot more press than some team from the Northwest winning their first SuperBowl.
Yeah, I know, it'd be really hard to truly 'fix' a game, and I'm sure Mr. Tagliabue has more interest in keeping the game clean than one SuperBowl story, but it definitely took some of the luster off the game.
And the commercials...blech. WTF was BurgerKing thinking? The pile of women dressed up as condiments and varius dressings on a burger? I kept waiting for the no avail.
Yeah, the Magic Fridge was good, as well as the McGyver and Fedex caveman getting stomped by a brontosaurus (anything's funny stomped by a brontosaurus), but overall, even the commercials were disappointing this year. I shoulda just gotten piss-drunk and spent the evening in the toilet. At least then I would have had a reason to feel like crap today, instead of just lack of sleep from watching a crappy game. But I did enjoy myself with the guests at my party and hope they did as well.

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