Thursday, February 09, 2006

Riot over this?

Riots over this picture. RIOTS for chrissakes. People burning buildings, burning flags, hurting other human beings, advocating further violence against the west, and general stupidity.
Religion of peace? More like the religion of many peaceful people, but mostly fronted by ignorant lemmings allowing themselves to get worked into a frenzy for the advancement of power for a select few imams.
-Not sure a religion of peace would not only ignore the murder of 6 million fellow human beings during the Holocaust, but refer to it as a lie and use that to whip up the anger of the lemmings.
-Not sure a religion of peace would kidnap innocents and behead them for no apparent reason, other than their nationality and religion.

Liberals love to spout off about how Islam is the religion of peace and that the majority of Muslims don't support the radical Islamists that we see on TV. But we don't see anyone stepping up and slapping down the violence. We don't see anyone saying "Hey, cut the shit, you're making us look bad, assmunch". Nope, all we see are the leadership of the various sects continuing to push for more violence.

Religion of peace? You decide.

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