Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ok, so let's review:
1. A British company owned the rights to operate six ports in the US.
2. That company sells the port operations division to a joint state-private operation from the United Arab Emirates.
3. DemoncRATs FINALLY agree with Republicans that we need to concern ourselves about security, and that we should review this deal, but only because it makes President Bush look bad.
4. No one actually realizes that if it's not someone from UAE operating the ports, it would be the ChiCom's (Chinese Communists, not Taiwan), thus not providing a whole lot more security than UAE, since the three biggest companies that do this sort of operations are Chinese and Arabic.
5. Halliburton is bandied about by people who wouldn't know security if it hit them in the middle of their forehead, such as Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein, as an option to do the port operations. That would be the same Halliburton that is evil and only cares about profit, and only gets work because of their relation to Vice President Cheney.
6. Most of the people who are in opposition to this deal, are doing so because this is an Arabic country. Were this primarily a Republican issue where a DemoncRAT president was supporting the deal, we'd hear screams of racism throughout the liberal camps. However, since it's DemoncRATs that are making the objection, it's about security. Isn't that profiling?
7. Having personally BEEN to UAE, and been to the port in Dubai, out of all the ports in the Middle East, it's the one I felt the safest in. Even Bahrain, which was pretty nice, didn't exactly give me the 'warm-fuzzies' when it came to security. Whereas the Dubai port actually had police swarming the ports, in their Mercedes and AK-47's.
8. Let's not forget that this company operated a schload of ports overseas. As a result, even if they don't operate the ports here, they LOAD the ships and thus have control of what gets on the ships. Considering the lack of customs officers we have to inspect every single ship, we're already trusting them with a considerable amount of responsibility.
Honestly, I think that a whole lot bigger deal has been made of this than there really should have been, and I don't care one way or another who operates the stinkin ports. But I think because the libs see this as a way to make political hay, as well as the complicit media, it's front page headlines.
I also think that the administration could have done a helluva lot better job handling the deal, and you'd think after their mishandling of Harriet Miers, the Cheney hunting accident, etc, they'd learn, but apparently that's not exactly their forte. However, protecting this country IS, and I trust them to make the right decisions to do so.

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