Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Port controversy- Part II

While I hate to see people like Hildebeast Clinton and Chuckie Schumer able to make political hay with something, I have to agree with them on one point. It doesn't hurt to take our time to examine the deal that turns over the operations of some of our ports to a company that is partly owned by a country that refuses to recognize Israels' right to exist to this day. Of course, that's not why these idiots are railing and gnashing their teeth against the president on this. They just want something to disagree with him on, and in this case, they have finally found something that they may get some political traction with.
No one can tell me that finally, out of the blue, the DemoncRATs have finally decided that security is important. Remember, these are the people who want us out of Iraq immediately. These are the people who are blaming US for the attack on the WTC(both of them), due to our arrogance around the world, blah blah. These are the people who would rather see the military neutered and used as a police force, in places like Bosnia and Haiti, rather than as the trained killers they are. Yep, you heard it here. They're trained to KILL people. Makes the DemoncRATs uncomfortable to even say that word. So for them to even advance the mere notion that this is about security is laughable.
But since we're already reviewing the deals that have been made with this Dubai-based company, why don't we review some of the deals made with China-based companies? I'm not talking Taiwan here, I'm talking Commie-Red China.
Terrorists have suicide bombers, China has nukes. Which gives you the bigger chill up your spine?

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