Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Economic good news

Unemployment is around 4% (unless you live in Michigan).
2 million jobs created in 2005
2 million jobs created in 2004
$46 billion more in tax revenue from captal gains over the last two years than anticipated by the Congressional Budget Office.

But yet, the Dems continue to complain/whine/piss/moan etc. They thrive on negativity. They hate success when Republicans are in power. When the 2000th American died in Iraq, the excitement amongst the Democrats was palpable.

Why don't they just finally come out and say it, "We hate America, and don't want to see us succeed. We'd rather just join the EU and allow the country sink into the marginality that Europe has become. At least not when we're not in power and can't take credit for it anyway".

Bunch of jackasses. Google, DemoncRats, Whoared Dean, Teddy (hic) Kennedy, Leaky Leahy, and the rest of the squealing masses of libs can bite me.

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