Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Google

My poor Googlians. You've lost about $32 billion in market cap over the last month or so, you've taken on the federal government in a pissing match over privacy but turned around and released Google Desktop 3 which is the most invasive piece of software that won't be picked up by an antivirus out there. You've bent over and taken it from the Chinese government when told to censor search results for their citizens.
A PR machines worst nightmare over the last month or so, I'd say. And that's not to mention the fact that your two biggest shareholders bought a jet for themselves, all the while telling employees and anyone who will listen to 'conserve energy and not waste fuel'. Not just any jet mind you, but a 757 for chrissakes. No fuel consumption concerns there, nosirree.
While I know you've been the darling of many portfolios, mine included until last Veterans Day, it's nice to see you finally losing the shine as your real business practices come out. I guess it's just natural for you to want to allow everyone who's running Google Desktop to share in their files, given your natural tendency toward Communal preferences. Good to see that security folks as well as privacy folks are finally pushing back.

The Big Johnson

Oh, one more thing: Google Sucks

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