Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best IT company ever

Double-M and I were talking and discussing our shared former employer. To think of the talent that they chased off over the last year, it would make up one HELL of an IT company.

D-man: Probably technically one of the strongest guys I've ever worked with. Knew much about external pens and if he didn't know something, wouldn't give up until he mastered it.
J-man: Cisco/Windows guru with much networking experience. Also pretty darn good with difficult clients especially ones he can hug.
Double-M: Strong in various areas of technology, plus good with tough clients.
Double-J: Strong with Linux, coding, hacking, and much else.
BW's - Strong with regulatory stuff, good if we focused on a regulated industry for a target market, but also strong with audit-type stuff, and heck, we may run into a Mac or two.
BadAndy- Strong Coder, but also strong Unix and hacker
TerribleTeddy- Every company has to have a sales guy, and Ted is a good one.
Cortez- Strong with Windows and other stuff, plus a quick learner.
Mr. Imsorry- Strong in linux, general security, coding, and heck, let's face it, it's good to have at least one person who is strong in international relations.
PolishRocket- Good with Novell, good with clients, and heck, a definite improvement of the scenery over these guys I listed earlier!
JJ(2)- Novell/Windows Guru...also the master of QA. Speaks his mind even if it gets him fired

I know I'm forgetting some folks, and to you, I apologize. If you want to join the 'company' let me know and I'll get you an 'application'.

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