Friday, February 17, 2006

Marine screwed by Democrats

Mark this day down folks....the first time (and probably the last) you'll EVER see a link in my blog to something that Mother Jones News site. Paul Hackett, a Marine and Democrat (there's a contradiction if I've ever seen one), who narrowly lost to a Republican last election in a heavily Republican district, was running against Mike DeWine for Ohio Senator. However, he had to win the primary, and running against him was a long time DemonRat insider, Sherrod Brown. It looks like the high ranking DemonRat leadership decided that Brown would be easier to control and force to vote the party line than the independent-minded Hackett, and as a result have resorted to their typical nasty tricks and backstabbing methods to force Hackett out of the race.
Now 90 out of 100 times I'll disagree with Hackett, as he's a pretty far out there character, but at least he has the strength of his convictions and is willing to put it on the line for what he believes in. Unlike the gutless cowards that lead his party, the Whored Dean's, Hairy Rod, and Teddy (hic) Kennedy, he has the balls to stand up and speak his opinions irregardless of how the polls will respond. While he would have been an opponent of most of the things I support, I have to respect an opponent like that as a worthy one. Semper Fi Mr. Hackett. Perhaps you'll reconsider your party affiliation once you realize that we're not all religious zealots, but either way, thanks for showing us what hypocrites the Dumbocrats are.....AGAIN

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