Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So, after having a night to think about it (ok, maybe just a few hours to sleep on it), I've come to some conclusions regarding the election.

1. Dimwitocrats did a great job tying everything to President Bush. Everything. Don't like the way your neighbor cuts his lawn? Bush's fault. Don't like the color of your girlfriends hair? Bush's fault. Taxes too high? Bush's fault. Taxes too low? Bush's fault. Because of the constant hammering of the media and Dimwits over his handling of the war and a few other issues, President Bush's popularity was at an all time low over the last year and Dimwits were able to tie local issues into a referendum on the President. Right or wrong, it's a helluva strategy and obviously one that works. Just look back at 1994 when Newt Gingrich led the Republican Revolution and we took the House. He did the exact same thing, running a referendum on Hillary/Bill and their nationalized health care.

2. Empty suits. Yes, that's what the Dimwits/RINO's have elected in many cases. Seriously, in the rush to say 'we don't like Bush', they neglected to notice who in the hell they're voting for. Menendez in NJ is under investigation for possible illegal activity. Bob Casey in PA is running on daddy's name and is utterly worthless. Sherrod Brown in Ohio has just about as much intelligence as his fellow Ohioan Dennis Kucinich, in fact, I've heard him referred to as 'Kucinich-lite'. Stabenow in MI, who has done zero, zip, zilch, nada to help Michigan. Cardin in MD .....don't get me started on that pandering racist pig. All of them, politicians catering to the lowest common denominator, standing for nothing other than being oppositional. "What do you stand for Mr. Cardin?" "I stand against anything that Mr. Steele stands for". Seriously, if you saw any of the debates with Cardin in them, how could anyone with an IQ above 50 vote for that idiot?

3. Conservative values work every time. It doesn't matter whether you've got a D or R or L behind your name, if you run on Conservative values in the majority of districts (Pelosi's, Conyers, et al notwithstanding) will get you a victory. Take a look at some of the Dimwitocrats that won and you'll see that. Heath Schuler in NC is more conservative than a good number of elected (and defeated) Republicans. Ellsworth in IN is way more conservative than folks like Olympia Snowe (R-ME). So, as a conservative, I can still hope that these new congressmen will stand up for what they ran on in this election. Because if they don't, in two years, we'll be back. Just that simple.

4. Silver Lining time. In Michigan the Affirmative Action ban won. The proposal requiring that schools are funded at the rate of inflation, which was backed by the teachers unions was defeated soundly. In fact, if you look nationwide, a good number of conservative proposals won. So, that tends to tell me that this truly was a referendum on President Bush, rather than a repudiation of conservative values.

I guarantee if the Republicans go back to the values that led to the Reagan Revolution, as well as the Contract for America, we'll get it all back in '08.

And if we don't, plan on a long period of me being cranky.

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