Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pelosi- "No al Qaeda in Iraq"

Yep, that's a genius for you. All this time we thought we were fighting al Qaeda in Iraq and she finally clears that up for us. Apparently she's also clearing it up for the guys in Iraq that are fighting us who are CALLING themselves al Qaeda. I imagine that the conversation between her and some assbag shooting at our troops over there would go something like this:

"No no no guys, you don't understand, you CAN'T be al Qaeda, because if you were, then Iraq would be part of the War on Terror, and you see, Dimwitocrats have long said that Iraq ISN'T part of the WoT, so you just must be mistaken"

These are the kinds of geniuses that many of those out there pissed off about one whiny bitch thing or another allowed to get elected when they decided to either sit out, or file a protest vote for the guy with a D behind his name instead of R.

Well, the good part about this is that the D-ummies get to display exactly how stupid they really are, and remind us why it is we voted R in the first place. Hopefully the leadership on the R side can take advantage of that, but judging from their recent follies, I doubt it.

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