Thursday, October 12, 2006

RIP Cory Lidle

pMSNBC sports "expert" (apparently being a talentless hack on ESPN qualifies you to be a complete and total talentless hack on pMSNBC) Keith Olberwoman was his usual condescending self when describing Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering what we know about the clueless wonder that is Olby. I guess expecting people to exhibit some semblance of class in the absence of clue is like expecting Madeline Albright to act in the interests of the United States. Worth a shot, but more than likely a waste of time.

But seriously, this jackass KO has the balls to talk about Lidle being a 'journeyman'? Are you kidding me Keith? How many gigs have you had since 97? According to some research I did, you're looking at just about the same number. So that makes you a journeyman as well, certainly not a star/superstar. And according to the gossip columns, that goes for your performance in the sack as well, but we probably all could have guessed that. Your gall on your show displays some sort of need to overcompensate for something, so I guess we all know what that is now.

Anyway, usually I'll not waste bits/bytes talking about the Yankees, probably my most hated sports team of all time(besides the Raiders), but in this case, Lidle was a class act and talented guy and my condolences to his family and friends.

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