Saturday, October 28, 2006

Google sucks, pt 4,732

So, Google doesn't exactly like it when people who understand the whole algorithm they use to rank pages, fiddle with their pages to make sure that they always get top billing. In fact, they have threatened to sue several places who've done it in the past.

Then comes Chris Bowers, some left wing jackass who decided that he was going to 'GoogleBomb' several conservative politicians over the next couple weeks. And is Google doing a damn thing about it, even though the unethical tactic is being published in the New York Slimes? Nah...

Thanks Jiggidy for the following:

First off. Google is supposed to be "immune" to this kind of stuff. It used to be this way, but they have radically changed their algorithms to incorporate multiple factors so that this exact thing cannot be done. For example, why would a company buy Google's AdWords service and pay to up their Google ad rating if they (the company) can guarantee that they'll get a high hit-rate themselves by doing what this ignoramus is doing...? They wouldn't. In other words, there's two conclusions you can reach:

1.) This guy has insider knowledge of Google's algorithms and can thus tailor his website to theirs. This was supposed to be stopped by Google also looking at referring webpages, their content, etc. I just don't see this as a possible scenario, because this guy would either need his own server farm or a whole gaggle of cohorts.

2.) ...and I think that this is VERY likely. Google is _ACTIVELY_ allowing this to occur. They are a very disgustingly liberal organization who doesn't care about things like ... our veterans. Yep, that's right. My buddy who is a Marine has written them for two years now asking why they make special "google home page designs" for stuff like MLK, Ramadan, and Ka-Boom, while they don't do ANYTHING on their site for Veteran's Day. NOTHING.

There's nothing more that I'd like to see than Google's stock come crashing to the floor. They're a disgusting liberal organization that can "labor" in anonymity using the fact that they're simply offering a search feature. Well, as John Mayer's song says... "When they control the information, they can bend it all they want." While it's not the reference that he had in mind, I think that it perfectly describes the power that Google has.


p.s. See their placating of China:
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